• Library,
  • Class Room,
  • Laboratories,
  • Networking,
  • Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility Centre
  • Remedial Course,
  • Remedial Coaching(SC/ST),
  • Vocational Education,
  • Extension Education,
  • Career Oriented Course,
  • Innovative Programmes,
  • Human Rights Study Centre,
  • Women’s Study Centre,
  • Basic Scientific Research (BSR)


      The College has a two-storied Library Building equipped with well stocked Books, Journals, Magazines and Periodicals. Books covering various subjects are available for issue. An efficient system of turn over is being implemented which ensures regular intake of the latest reading materials. The Library is under the supervision of an experienced and Qualified Librarian. The Library is automated with SOUL software Network Version. Adequate number of Computers with Internet facilities are available in the Library. The Library also maintains an Information Centre.
(b)Class Room :
      The College has adequate number of modernized Classrooms provided with LCD/Overhead Projectors and Computers with Internet Facilities.
(c)Laboratories :
      The College has well furnished and well equipped modernized Laboratories including Computer, Home Science, Food Science, Fisheries, Biotechnology where there are facilities for LCD Projectors, Slide Projector, Overhead Projector, Microprocessor based Gas Chromatograph, UV Spectrophotometers, Food Processing Machineries, B.O.D. Incubators, Laminar Air Flows, Deep Freezers, ELISA Readers, Projection Microscopes, CCTV attached Advanced Microscopes, Phase Contrast Microscopes Trinocular and Binocular Research Microscopes etc. Micro-technique methods of analysis are introduced in the Laboratories. The computer centres, Gas Chromatograph room, Culture rooms, Bioinformatics Centre are fitted with Air Conditioned Equipments.
(d)Networking :
      The college has campus Networking with Local Area Network (LAN) with connectivity through ISDN, Broad Band 512 kbps unlimited and TULIP
(e)Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility Centre:
      The college has a Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility Centre equipped with 20 numbers of Desktops and 2 numbers of High Server. The centre is also fitted with A.C. and is under the supervision of a Coordinator, namely W. Robindro Singh who is trained with DOEACC “A” Level in Bioinformatics. The BIF Centre is supported by DBT, Government of India. Two Research Assistants, One Traineeship and one studentship are also working in the Centre to assist the Coordinator
  • Scholarships,
  • Award,
  • Free-Ship,
  • National Service Scheme,
  • Literary & Cultural Activities,
  • Games & Sports,
  • Co-curricular Activities,
  • Activity Club/Hobby Centre