• Library,
  • Class Room,
  • Laboratories,
  • Networking,
  • Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility Centre
  • Remedial Course,
  • Remedial Coaching(SC/ST),
  • Vocational Education,
  • Extension Education,
  • Career Oriented Course,
  • Innovative Programmes,
  • Human Rights Study Centre,
  • Women’s Study Centre,
  • Basic Scientific Research (BSR)


 i) The College will conduct Unit Tests, Terminal Tests examinations for all the courses.
ii)  Class Room Seminar and interactions are mandatory for all the students irrespective of all the
iii) B.A./B.Sc./B.Sc. Biotechnology/ B.Sc. Food Processing Technology /BCA/ B.Com 1st Year / 2nd Year /
     3rd Year Examinations will be conducted by the Manipur University as per schedule and curriculum
     given by the Manipur University.
iv) Career Oriented Courses will be conducted by the Manipur University as per schedule and curriculum
     given by the Manipur University and the certificates also will be issued by the Manipur University.
v)  Students who fail or absent in the final Test Examinations will not be sent up in any examinations
     conducted by the Manipur University.
vi) Students should attend a minimum of 75% attendance in all the subjects including both theory and
     practical for appearing in all the Examinations.
vii)Those students who have attended 60% and above and less than 75% of attendance may be allowed
     to appear the Examination on payment of non-Collegiate fees.
viii)Students who have attended less than 60% attendance including practicals shall be treated as dis-
     collegiate and they shall not be allowed to appear at the Examinations.

  • Scholarships,
  • Award,
  • Free-Ship,
  • National Service Scheme,
  • Literary & Cultural Activities,
  • Games & Sports,
  • Co-curricular Activities,
  • Activity Club/Hobby Centre