• Library,
  • Class Room,
  • Laboratories,
  • Networking,
  • Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility Centre
  • Remedial Course,
  • Remedial Coaching(SC/ST),
  • Vocational Education,
  • Extension Education,
  • Career Oriented Course,
  • Innovative Programmes,
  • Human Rights Study Centre,
  • Women’s Study Centre,
  • Basic Scientific Research (BSR)


i)   Once admission is made no refund of fees and withdrawal will be allowed.
ii)   If a student is to be withdrawn from the College after admission during the Academic year the fee for
      the full term will be charged, unless no Transfer Certificate will be issued.


ii)  No students should be absent without prior leave, unless it is due to unforeseen circumstances.
ii)  A student who has been absent continuously for fifteen days without prior approval of the Principal her
     name will be stuck off the rolls and may not be re-admitted.
iii) Leave applications should be signed by the parents and attached the documents verifying the reason
     of the leave.

  • Scholarships,
  • Award,
  • Free-Ship,
  • National Service Scheme,
  • Literary & Cultural Activities,
  • Games & Sports,
  • Co-curricular Activities,
  • Activity Club/Hobby Centre