Gender equity and Women empowerment through value based education is the main mission of the college and a “Center for Excellence” towards teaching-learning, training, research and other academic and cocurricular activities through innovation, diversity and flexibility is the vision of the college. The emblem of the college “Holding a Torch by a Woman” (in Manipuri it is called Meira Paibi) is quite significant about the mission and vision of the college. In Manipur Women play an important role in socioeconomic development, to be a harmonious, holistic individual by catering to their physical, emotional, aesthetic, social and spiritual needs and to face societal and women harassment etc.. They should be empowered by bringing from darkness to light, ignorance to knowledge, injustice to justice. This vision can be achieved only by disseminating Universal Knowledge through teaching learning process. The motto of the college “Learn, Empower and Serve” suits significantly with the emblem.