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A. Annual Sessional Fees payable at the time of admission:

Sl.NoParticular of feesClass-U.G. I/II/IIIB.Sc/BCA/B.Sc.
Food Proc. Technology
1Admission feeRs. 400/-Rs.1000/-
2Enrolment feeRs. 100/-Rs.100/-
3Registration feeRs. 220/-Rs.220/-
4Magazine feeRs.40/-Rs.40/-
5Games & Sports FeeRs.40/-Rs.40/-
6College Examination feeRs.400/-Rs.500/-
7College Union feeRs. 50/-Rs.50/-
8College Development feeRs. 200/-Rs.200/-
9Identity CardRs.30/-Rs.30/-
10Annual feeRs 200/-Rs.300/-
11College Cycle-shed feeRs. 40/-Rs.40/-
12Poor students fundRs. 30/-Rs.30/-
13Library feeRs. 150/-Rs.200/-
14Sport affiliation feeRs. 100/-Rs.100/-
15Cultural feeRs. 100/-Rs.100/-
16Extension feeRs. 50/-Rs.100/-
17Laboratory feeRs. 150
( per Gen. Sub. Rs.
 200 per Hon. Sub.)
18Laboratory Caution Money
 Rs.  400/- Rs.1000/-

B. Tuition Fee payable for one academic year:

BCA/B.Sc.Food Processing Tech.
Tuition Fee p.mTotal Fee for
 one year
1.B.A/B.Sc.Gen.(I/II/III)Rs.200/-Rs. 2,400/-
3.   Total Rs.500/-Rs.6,000/-

C. Fee payable in three installments:

Sl.No.Name of the course1st Installment
(at the time
of admission)
2nd Installment
(in the month
of October)
3rd Installment
 (in the month
of February)
1.B.A/B.Sc.Gen.(I/II/III)Rs. 800/-Rs.800/-Rs. 800/-
3. B.Sc. Biotech/BCA/B.Sc.
 Food Processing Technology
Rs.2,000/-Rs.2,000/-Rs. 2,000/-

D. Total fees payable at the time of admission:

Sl.No.Name of the courseAnnual
Sessional Fee
Tuition fee
for four
Lab.FeeTotal Fee
1.B.A/B.Com.Gen.(I/II/III)Rs. 2550/-Rs.800/-  Rs.3,350/-
 B.A/B.Com.Hons.(I/II/III)Rs.2550/-Rs.1,200/- Rs. 3,750/-
2. B.Sc. Gen.(I/II/III) Rs.2550/-Rs.800/-Rs. 450/-Rs. 3,800/-
3. B.Sc. Hon.(I/II/III) Rs.2550/-Rs.1,200/-Rs. 600/-Rs. 4,050/-
4. B.Sc. Biotech/BCA/B.Sc.
Food Processing
Rs.4050/-Rs.2000/-Rs. 1,000/-Rs. 7,050/-

E. Hostel fees for Boarders:

iHostel Admission Fee per Academic Year/SessionRs. 200/-
iiBoarding Fee per Academic year/SessionRs. 1200/-
iiiMess Fee per monthRs. 1200/-
ivContingency Fee per Academic SessionRs. 300/-
vCaution Money(Refundable)Rs. 1500/-

F. Other Fees:

i)Provisional CertificateRs. 100/-
ii)Character CertificateRs. 50/-
iii)Transfer CertificateRs. 150/-
iv)College leaving CertificateRs. 50/-
v)Alumni Association
a) Life member
Rs. 300/-

  • Scholarships,
  • Award,
  • Free-Ship,
  • National Service Scheme,
  • Literary & Cultural Activities,
  • Games & Sports,
  • Co-curricular Activities,
  • Activity Club/Hobby Centre